Plastic Wood

What is Plastic Wood ?

Plastic Wood is a material that is made of plastic and 100% High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

This material has a high and low density characteristic. It is created instead of traditiona

wood especially in the exterior areas. It can be placed in the hot temperature and high

humidity areas.

Uses :

For all types of car sheds (pyramid, bowed or flat) and can either be:

A- Interlaced profile .

B- Overlapped panels .

Fences : ground fence or wall mounted fence and can be mobile screen from either :

interlaced profile or overlapped panels. Sitting sets for gardens and pools.


How is Plastic Wood better than natural wood?

●    Waterproof .

●   Impervious to insects.

●    Denser than wood.

●   Virtually maintenance free.

●   Suitable for the hot and cold weather conditions.

●   Resistant to heat, humidity and water.

●   Heat insulator.

●   Does not break or crack and can sustain heavy loads.

●   Oil resistant and can resist most chemicals.

●   Available in many stable attractive colors and matches all usages.

●   Flexible, strong and durable.

●   Environmental friendly and easy to clean.

●   UV resistance .

●   10 years guarantee for colors, shapes and specifications.


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